Free Will and Determinism

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Some Poetry...


There once was a man who said "Damn!
It is borne in upon me I am
An engine that moves
In predestinate grooves;
I'm not even a bus, I'm a tram."

Maurice E. Hare (1886-1967)

There is a somewhat better variation of the above, also attributed to Maurice E. Hare, and given the date 1905:

There was a young man who said "Damn!
I perceive with regret that I am
But a creature that moves
In predestinate grooves
I'm not even a bus, I'm a tram."

And someone wrote a nice reply:

"Young man you should stay your complaint,
For the grooves that you call a constraint
Are there to contrive
That you learn to survive
Trams arrive, buses may or they mayn't."


Free Will

Freedom means you're free to do
Just whatever pleases you;
if of course, that is to say,
what you please is what you may.

Piet Hein, in Viking Vistas:
Short Grooks II (1983)

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